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Diagnostic criteria

Diagnostic criteria published in 2021 (source information


(1) Previous treatment with a serotonin reuptake inhibitor

(2) Permanent change in somatic (tactile) or erogenous (sexual) genital sensation after stopping treatment

More information

(3) Permanent reduction or loss of sexual desire

(4) Persistent erectile dysfunction

(5) Permanent inability to orgasm or reduced sense of pleasure during orgasm

(6) The problem persists for ≥3 months after stopping treatment

Should be

(7) No evidence of sexual disorders corresponding to the current profile before using the drug

(8) No current illnesses that could explain the symptoms

(9) No current medication or substance abuse that could explain the symptoms

There may be sexual side effects

Genital pain

Decreased nipple sensitivity

Reduction or loss of nocturnal erection

Decreased ejaculation

Penile flaccidity during erection

Decreased vaginal lubrication

There may be other than sexual symptoms

Emotional numbness


Other sensory disturbances related to the skin, smell, taste or vision

Cognitive decline

Medications that have caused the illness

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